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A word about Homie Juice

Applying Homie Juice is simple and a fresh change over the hundreds of insect repellents on the market.  Simply spray a small amount of Homie Juice on the palm of your hand and then gently apply to your forehead, neck, arms, legs, ankles, feet and anywhere else where skin is exposed.  We have found that one application of Homie Juice is effective for about eight hours.  If you take a swim for 20 or more minutes or heavily perspire, you may find it beneficial to apply a little more Homie Juice.


We have heard thousands of testimonials from outdoor enthusiasts who have shared their stories on how Homie Juice was a lifesaver keeping them safe from myriads of insect species.  In fact, many have told stories of where they were offered 2-3 times the cost of Homie Juice to those who were being bitten alive without insect protection, or by those who had repellents, but ineffective ones.  Home Juice is the answer for something that is new and works!  Homie Juice is sweeping across the nation and throughout parts of the world by people of all ages and walks of life.


The Zika virus is spreading at an alarming rate and folks working indoors and outdoors are looking for that insect repellent that will provide them with the confidence needed to enjoy whatever they are doing, whether that means working or playing.  Tested and trued, Homie Juice has been given the best of tests in the backwoods insect riddled areas of Florida – Apalachicola, Okeechobee, Chipola River, the Florida Panhandle, the Everglades, but also across Louisianna, Mississippi and Texas!  In just over a short 2 year period, we have experienced just on one occasion refunding a person’s money.  We are still trying to figure that one out!


Our website is designed to help you become familiar with our company and Homie Juice. We are looking forward to serving you with what we believe is the most unique insect repellent on the market.  If you are interested in becoming a distributor, we would enjoy hearing from you.  Please give us a call today!

Homie Juice is on its way to becoming a household name

Richard & Amanda Keele, Owners, of Homie Juice welcomes you to the world of the finest, innovative and functional insect repellent on the market.  Richard has been an avid outdoorsman over the past fifty years enjoying hunting, fishing and just about every other outdoor sport you can name.  For many years, Richard enjoyed competitive fishing on the Pro-Circuit, including Crappiemasters & Capellas Crappie Trail, and while creating memories that will last more than a lifetime on the Pro-Circuit and for all other outdoor activities, there was always that slapping on the head, neck, arms, legs and just about everywhere else of those pesky little insects who were working their best and overtime looking for their next unsuspecting victim.


Richard & Amanda worked together for years doing their homework and research pursuing an insect repellent that was different than anything on the market.  Whatever they developed had to work!  It had to repel insects, but also be safe for folks of all ages, including children, and had to be void of being oily or greasy.  After laboring for years, Richard & Amanda discovered the secret to producing Homie Juice, and now the most innovative and creative insect repellent found its way to market.  What was discovered was an insect repellent that repelled biting and non-biting insects.

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