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Nontoxic defense against insect bites

If you love the outdoors but hate being bitten by bugs, you need the effective insect detterent power of Homie Juice. Homie Juice is nontoxic and can even be safely applied to your eyelids and eyelashes by first rubbing it on your hands (do not let it get in your eyes, rinse with water if it does).  It is also safe for your children and pets.


Homie Juice does not feel oily or greasy on your skin. It will stay on even when you are sweaty to give you long-lasting protection (8 - 9 hours). It also does not stain your clothes, furniture, or other fabrics.

Whether you're exercising outside, fishing, enjoying an outdoor event, or just taking in the beauty of nature, Homie Juice will provide you the defense against insect bites. It keeps insects from biting you by masking the chemical cues that draw insects to your skin. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, you'll get your money back.


We sell Homie Juice nationwide, and we are proud to have our military use our product worldwide.

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