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Homie Juice is available in a 2-ounce spray bottle for only $8.95 which provides about 300 applications per bottle.  The clear Homie Juice bottle provides you with a visual look at how much Homie Juice is remaining.  You will never be caught short again when insects are on the prowl and you see there is enough Homie Juice left to take care of those pesky, annoying and biting insects!

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Homie Juice usage is rapidly spreading across the United States and overseas as folks are finding Homie Juice to be the answer for their insect repellent needs. We would welcome you to become a part of the Team Homie Juice Distributors where our interest is in serving people with what we believe to be is the finest insect repellent available worldwide!


If you have an interest in becoming a Homie Juice Distributor, please call Richard Keele, 850-899-3035 today.